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Woodhaven Family Medicine Clinic

In 2004, Dr. Syed Waizur Rahman started a new chapter in his medical career by establishing Woodhaven Medical PC. His vision was to create a healthcare practice that focused squarely on the patient—providing personalized, comprehensive care that spans generations. Dr. Rahman's commitment to this vision was driven by his desire to build closer, lasting relationships with his patients, something that larger hospitals often couldn't offer. At Woodhaven Medical PC, Dr. Rahman offers a full range of family medicine services, from preventive care and routine checkups to managing chronic conditions. The practice quickly became known for its welcoming atmosphere and the high standard of care it provides. Under Dr. Rahman's leadership, Woodhaven Medical has grown significantly.

Fact #1

Starting from a modest patient base, the practice now serves over 6,000 patients annually.

Dr. Rahman’s decision to start his own practice not only fulfilled his professional aspirations but also strengthened his role as a key healthcare provider in the community. His hands-on approach ensures that each patient receives thoughtful, tailored medical advice and treatment.

Experience Background

20+ Years of Experience

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Syed Waizur Rahman, MD, is a highly respected Family Medicine Physician with over two decades of experience in providing comprehensive healthcare. As the proud owner of Woodhaven Medical PC, Dr. Rahman has dedicated his career to enhancing patient health and well-being. His unique approach combines extensive medical expertise with a personal commitment to care for families throughout their lives. From infants to seniors, Dr. Rahman has built lasting relationships with his patients, many of whom have been with him since he first opened his practice in 2004.


Dr. Syed Waizur Rahman's medical journey began at the esteemed Andhra Medical College in India, where he completed his medical degree in 1991. This rigorous program laid the foundation for his deep understanding of family medicine and patient care. After obtaining his degree, Dr. Rahman ventured to the United States to further his training, seeking to broaden his medical expertise and impact. His postgraduate journey led him to the South Nassau Community Hospital in Oceanside, New York, where he undertook a three-year residency in family medicine.


Dr. Rahman honed his skills in a diverse environment, learning to address various medical issues across all age groups. Following his residency, he served as a house staff physician at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. This role further enriched his experience, exposing him to complex cases and allowing him to practice in one of the most challenging medical settings in New York. This formative period not only equipped Dr. Rahman with valuable clinical skills but also instilled a profound commitment to patient-centered care.

Professional Achievements

Our Approach to Family Medicine

Since founding Woodhaven Medical PC, Dr. Syed Waizur Rahman has achieved numerous milestones that highlight his commitment to excellence in family medicine. His practice is not just a medical facility; it is a vital part of the community it serves. Under his stewardship, Woodhaven Medical has been recognized for its outstanding patient care and innovative approach to family health. Some notable achievements of Dr. Rahman as a family medicine physician are.

  • Implementation of integrated health services

  • Comprehensive treatment plans for people of all ages

  • Community health initiatives for health screenings

  • Educational seminars to promote health and wellness

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Why Choose Us?

Our Unwavering Commitment to Patientserience

Personalized Approach

Dr. Syed Waizur Rahman believes in a personalized approach to healthcare, where he knows each patient by name and understands their individual health histories. This deep personal commitment allows him to provide a level of care that is not only comprehensive but also highly tailored to each family's needs.

Strong Bond and Trust

Dr. Rahman personally tends to all of his patients, an approach that has fostered strong bonds and a deep sense of trust. Many of his patients have been with him since the start of his practice in 2004, and their loyalty is a testament to his effectiveness and care. This loyalty extends across generations.

Open Communication

His practice is known for its open communication, where patients feel comfortable discussing their health concerns without haste. Dr. Rahman's commitment to being accessible ensures that his patients can receive timely advice and treatment, which is crucial for maintaining long-term health and preventing complications

The Ultimate Goal

At Woodhaven Medical PC, Dr. Rahman continues to make a significant impact on the lives of thousands, ensuring they receive the highest level of medical attention.